Human B cells from a healthy donor post-flu vaccination (v2)

Human B cells isolated from a healthy female donor 14 days post-influenza vaccination were obtained by 10x Genomics from Discovery Life Sciences. Gene expression and BCR Amplified libraries were generated from 16,400 cells (85% viable, expected recovery 8,500 cells) as described in the Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 5' Reagent Kits v2 (Dual Index) User Guide (CG000331 Rev A) and sequenced on an Illumina NovaSeq 6000. These libraries were analyzed using the Cell Ranger multi pipeline, which combines Gene Expression, Cell Surface Protein/Immune Receptor Mapping, and V(D)J Amplified libraries from the same sample. Cell Ranger multi enables consistent cell calling between gene expression and V(D)J libraries.

B_postvax_5gex_B Samples

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